Test Pit Digging

Test Pits need to be dug as part of a Septic System design. The test pits allow the person doing the soil analysis to see the different soil horizons and the water table in that location. The State of NH requires that two test pits be dug on any new septic system being design.

Equipment We Use

We utilize the most up-to-date equipment, currently we have a Leica TS-13 Robotic Instrument, a Carlson Tablet Data Collector and a Sokkia GPS Unit. This equipment allows our team to move much quicker, with great accuracy and precision.

We also have the ability to send a single crew member out with the Robotic Instrument, this is a great tool for us to gather data, we are able to get the same high level information with just a one person crew!

Carlson Data Collector & Sokkia GPS Unit